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My name is Fen. You found me on this site because I have deep passion in filming and editing South Asian Weddings! Yes, filming the Baraat on a summer day is a strenuous sport; yes, two hour long ceremony with complex sequence can make my finger sore working on the focus ring. But I love it! The color, the ritual, the wisdom, the emotion, the mystery elements... They are all worth it! The unique feature of my production is that it's a one person low-key operation. Although one person, I do work with multiple cameras for key moments. I focus on continuity and cinematic effect at the same time, while focusing on close-ups, I have other cameras covering wide angle so we don't lose the big picture. I don't carry jib, no large slider, no drone. I emphasize on simple capture of moments in precise focus and in perfect framing. For editing, I color grade to the best looking skin tone and contrast, so my clients can relive the day in film quality. I retrieve audio directly from the DJ's sound mixer, and EQ the tracks during editing, so the sound of your video is crispy clean. My final delivery is unique compared to what most cinematographers offer these days. I edit everything in chronological order first, within 1 month after the wedding. You first have hours of video that document the entire day in film quality to watch. My artistic editing process follows that as optional item; you have the choice of 1-2 minute teaser, 3-5 minute highlight, and 15-20 minute film; these are done in modern wedding film approach with lots of efforts in pacing, flow and the clever play of voice-over and time-shifting. I have this documentary edit before making the highlight because I think raw footage is not so watchable; I spent all day filming and I want my clients to watch it in the highest quality possible. I also believe that from video perspective we need to look at weddings first as documentary before cinema. The 3-5 minutes highlight is the artistic expression, but to be able to relive the day, you need the 3 hour long high quality video. Lastly, thank you for visiting my profile. Please check my website for more information about me and my work. I look forward to hearing from you! Fen









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